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American Oystercatcher Special Issue Released by Waterbirds!

March 7, 2017Shilo FeltonNews

The American Oystercatcher Special Issue of Waterbirds is finally here!!! This Special Issue of the journal contains articles published from work that was presented at the Waterbird Society Meeting’s Oystercatcher Symposium in 2015. Many thanks to all of the contributors and especially to our editors from the AMOY Working Group: Pam Denmon, Felcia Sanders, and Ted Simons, and Waterbirds editor: Stephanie Jones for all of their hard work!

A link to the issue will be provided once it becomes available.


Following oystercatchers with the working group

December 6, 2016Shilo FeltonNews

What do American Oystercatcher managers and scientists do for fun when they get together? Look for banded American Oystercatchers of course! In November, this year’s working group meeting in Wachapreague, Virginia, members came across a juvenile that had been banded in New York this summer (Orange YCK). She’ll face a lot of challenges before she becomes a breeding adult, but we’re glad she’s made it this far! Additionally, we found Black P7, an adult that was originally banded in the very same lagoon in which we spotted him in 2010. He’s never been spotted further south than Charleston, SC and has been repeatedly spotted in the same area of Virginia into late fall. This pattern is typical of oystercatchers on the East Coast of the United States, with those individuals originally hatched in areas further north head south during the winter, while some of those from further south stay close to home all year.

Have you seen a banded American Oystercatcher? Report it here!


Orange YCK


Black P7

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Field Trip to Parramore Island_6

Wachapreague, VA

King’s House Dorm

VIMS Campus

Sunrise over Wachapreague Harbor

Wachapreague Inn

Field Trip to Parramore Island_5