American Oystercatcher Working Group

2020 (ish) Meeting of the American Oystercatcher Working Group

The annual Working Group meeting for the 2020 field season will be (like everything else) held virtually February 2-5, 2021, 9am-12pm EST daily. While we cannot meet in person, we are grateful that the remote meeting will allow for more people to engage in this year’s meeting. We look forward to seeing your faces and hearing your voices over Zoom! 

Topics and discussion will be relevant to site managers, field biologists and technicians, researchers, students, individuals working on habitat restoration and enhancement, and shorebird volunteers and enthusiasts. We hope that the remote format will allow for broad attendance and participation around the range. 


There will be a $30 registration fee to help accommodate website and banding database maintenance. Payment by credit card is preferred. 


Please follow this link to register for the meeting. A Zoom link will be emailed to you with your confirmation.

The entirety of the meeting will be recorded and available after the meeting for those who register. If you may not be able to attend all or part of the meeting in real time, but would like to have access to these recordings, you should still register for the meeting.

Any questions may be directed to

Meeting Format 

We are looking for student research and other presentations! If you are interested in presenting your work, please reach out to by January 20th. 

State updates and some session presentations will need to be recorded ahead of the meeting date, by January 25th. These will be played for meeting attendees, with live Q&A sessions with the presenters to follow. Instruction for recording your presentations will be provided on the website and via email to presenters. 


A full, printable agenda can be found in the sidebar on the left of this page.

Tuesday, February 2, 2021 

Welcome message and introduction (Shiloh Schulte) 
Plenary: Applying conservation social science insights to reduce the threats to Atlantic Flyway shorebirds  
Ashley Dayer and Carolyn Comber 
Annual updates from states and countries: AMOY management under COVID 

Wednesday, February 3, 2021 

Welcome and population stats update (Shiloh Schulte) 
Session: Oystercatcher research and management in Latin America 
Session: Habitat Restoration 

Thursday, February 4, 2021 

Welcome message and introduction (Shiloh Schulte) 
Session: Predator Management 
Mikayla Call–Assessing drivers of American Oystercatcher productivity on Metompkin Island, VA using cellular tagging technologies  
Scott Coleman and Kate Tweedy–A case study in adaptive predator management for nesting shorebirds 
Research presentations 
Update and Discussion: Productivity season metrics 

Friday, February, 2021 

Welcome message (Shiloh Schulte) 
Presentation: Funding status, options, and hurdles 
Discussion: Funding the Path Forward  Create subcommittee for moving this forward 
Update: Steering Committee Wrap up: Review action items