American Oystercatcher Working Group

2006 Meeting of the American Oystercatcher Working Group

The sixth annual meeting of the Atlantic Coast American Oystercatcher Working group was held 4-5 December 2006 at the Florida Wildlife Research Institute Lab on Cedar Key, FL. Felicia Sanders organized a great meeting. We discussed the status of banding and resighting programs and how to proceed with a preliminary analysis of Oystercatcher movement and dispersal.

The field trip was a success. We took two boats and went to observe a flock of over 500 AMOY roosting on a shell bar west of the town. At the same time Pat and Doris Leary took their boat to another roost of about 150 AMOY. Collectively we resighted 25 banded oystercatchers from every banding location on the East Coast. After the meeting Pat and Doris spent some time counting and resighting AMOY along this strech of coast. These results reinforce the importance of the Cedar Key area to the entire population of American oystercatchers on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts.